Salt in the air...

Sand in my hair

About Us

A smidge about me….

I grew up in the Midwest, Kansas City, to be exact. At the age of 18, I was whisked away to start a modeling career.

Since I had never so much as glanced at any sort of a fashion magazine, everything was new to me from that day forward. My life changed quickly and dramatically. New York and Paris became my new home bases. Living in Paris introduced me to a whole new world of experiences, foods, places, and people. I am forever grateful for the time I spent there and the perspective it has given me.

It’s funny now how everything that seemed so foreign to me then, is now such a huge part of my life today, including my French husband, Jacques. I was lucky enough to visit Eastern Long Island shortly after my arrival in NYC and since that day, I never looked back…

Currently, I am spending time in Sag Harbor + NYC with my husband and my Irish Jack Russell, Mini. We all (dog included), appreciate the simple pleasures life has to offer and the magnificent landscape that surrounds us.