Salt in the air...

Sand in my hair

About Us

A smidge about me….

I grew up in Kansas and the age of 18, I was whisked away to start a modeling career.

My life changed quickly and dramatically. New York and Paris became my new home bases. Living in Paris introduced me to a whole new world of experiences, foods, places, and people. I am forever grateful for the time I spent there and the perspective it has given me.

It’s funny now how everything that seemed so foreign to me then, is now such a huge part of my life today, including my French husband, Jacques. I was lucky enough to visit Eastern Long Island shortly after my arrival in NYC and since that day, I never looked back…
Currently, I am spending time in Sag Harbor + NYC with my husband and my Irish Jack Russell, Mini. Taking the time to appreciate the simple pleasures life has to offer and the magnificent landscape that surrounds us.