Sea bag ,Sail Bag hand made in Maine


Once a sail, forever a Sea Bag.

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Every bag is as rugged as they come and each one is a little different than the next. Recycled sail cloth / clasp closure / inside pocket. The sails are cleaned before we make them into bags, our materials retain the essence of what they once were, where they’ve been and what they’ve done. It’s this previous life that makes each bag unique.

Each Sea Bag is meticulously designed, sewn and finished by skilled Maine craftspeople: . The thought, care and skill that goes into each bag is evident. We carefully select and cut sails, taking into account unique stitching details, grommet holes and, occasionally, treasures like tell-tales. Each sail panel is completely unique.

Made in the USA.

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H 14" x W 18" x D 7"


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